Hi Scott,

Thank you for the email, and yes I am pleased with the results. The disturbing issue is that my local doctors still keep recommending Radiation too. Why? Well they claim it has been their experience that patients also need Radiation was their answer. What nonsense! When asked if they were familiar with this treatment or if they'd ever treated anyone who has had this treatment, of course the answer was no.Why would a doctor want to recommend a treatment which would compromise your immune system, kill your salivary glands giving you permanent dry mouth for life, and be very expensive when they are unfamiliar with your treatment program? The lymph node was full of cancer prior to the treatments and was now benign. My cancer was at the doubling stage and now the area is decreasing in size, slowly, but decreasing. My neck swelling is hardly noticeable - you remember what it looked like when I first arrived in China. It was very noticeable.

It just goes to show that the patient has to be in charge of the treatments they wish to receive. And, that advise from a doctor is not always the best for you. There are lots of opinions and lots of information to sort through. What a shame that too many people fall victim to the "Jedi mind trick" performed on them, parroting the recommendations of their doctor without any thought of the necessity or consequences. I know you see the results far too often and are left with treating patients after they have been "treated" previously.

I think you were provided with the results of the biopsy, but if you were not, let me know.

Thank you for all of your help and hope treatments are going well for your patients. Please feel free to use my email address and phone number freely.

Best wishes.

I was 19 years old when I developed a persistant cough that lasted months that i finally had checked. Having not thought much of it, it came as a massive shock when I was soon diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma in my left lung. I endured over a year of failed treatment attempts of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, only for the cancer to spread to my other lung, liver and bone marrow. There was nothing else my specialist could offer me accept trying to keep me comfortable through palliative care.
Through a friend, my parents had heard of a promising treatment that was offered in China called NGPDT. Already having one foot in the grave, I was daunted and unsure about traveling to a foreign country while feeling so unwell, but we took a leap of faith having nothing to loose.

As soon as I arrived in China I was greeted by friendly staff at the airport who remained supports through the treatment along with doctors. Having gone through so much treatment with countless side effects, I was relieved to find that NGPDT did not make me feel worse than I already did. I only felt tired and experienced some expected pain around the liver from tumour breakdown, things directly related to the cancer; The upside... I experienced no hair loss, and no nausea. Treatment lasted 8 days and was stress free compared to the anxiety I had once associated with cancer treatment.

Since my first visit in June 2010 I have travelled to China another 3 times, and each time I left feeling stronger. Though it has not provided me a complete cure as yet, NGPDT has improved my condition immensely, and has made me believe that a cure is possibly just a matter of time. 18 months later and I am leading a close to normal life, rather than my whole life revolving around my condition.

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